How to Make Money Online Free

How to Make Money Online Free

#1 Ranked Wealthy Affiliate vs. Profit Point Autonomy

My Mission

Was to find out how to make money online free.  Have you ever wanted something to work so badly that you will attempt anything and everything possible until you find something that works?

Even if it means spending every penny you have to accomplish your goals? Only to end up flat broke from empty promises…

Still no Money

Well that’s me in a nutshell! I have tried countless ways to make an honest living from online programs that promise endless wealth. “The Sky is the Limits”, they say. From sales funnels to e-commerce drop shipping to crypto currency mining and everything in between.

If there was a glimpse of hope that I could make money online free I gave it a chance.

I would probably have a heart attack if I could total up all the money I have spent on these affiliate programs that were supposed to be free.

They only give you enough information to get you excited about their money making scheme, but no real tools or resources for you to succeed.

I could go on and on about what hasn’t happened for me yet, but instead I want to share a recent positive experience that is rejuvenating my faith in the online industry.

From here forward I’m going to walk you through two completely different online affiliated marketing programs. I will give you a complete break down of each one, I’ll show you what was promised and the actual meat and potatoes of both programs.

After you have the complete picture I will put the two programs side by side for you to make your own conclusion on which one did and did not meet the desired expectations. I never intended to be test-driving two separate training programs at the same time.

I’m tickled I got this opportunity and you’ll understand why I want to share this experience and knowledge with the world!! Hold on for the roller coaster ride…. It’s going to be a little bumpy:)))

I Took The Bait

Hopefully by now you can visualize me as a go getter, self-motivated individual that is determined to accomplish the goals I have set out to achieve! With that being said lets cast the pole into the water and see what fish tale we’ll have to tell our grand kids (big smile)!!

The first marketing program I want to tell you about is Profit Point Autonomy. I was scrolling through my emails which I set aside allotted time for everyday since I receive an abundance of promotional offers claiming to make me money online! At times, I get over whelmed with all the different ones fighting for your attention. This particular day I came across an email title that looked like this.


Start now Amy


Website Generator via send

Mon, Sep 16, 11:14 PM

to me:

If you want to jump start your success online, we have a special one-on-one consultant for you.

Just call this number to speak with your personal mentor. 844 247 8626

Clicks here to unsubscribe



I must be a gluten for punishment and or have an invisible sign on my forehead that says, ” gullible”, because I believed the hype again!

At first the program seemed to be what they described. Pay a one time fee of $47 and you would gain access to the back office and training materials. The initial video claimed once you paid the fee you were gaining access to a made for you website that would start generating income immediately with a push of a button!

Are They For Real-

Profit Point Autonomy- Review

I pride myself on remaining unbiased and giving any task a fair and thorough evaluation before I pass any judgment. Thus allowing ample time to fulfill what is expected. So let me walk you through what I expected and what I actually received..

What I Expected:

  • An easy training tutorial to navigate back office
  • A ready to activate website
  • Equipped with products to sell
  • Traffic ready to flow so that profits would be immediate
  • An EASY button
  • A one-on-one phone call with my mentor
  • My initial $47 investment earned back same night

What I Received:

  • A total of six tutorials
  • Welcome video
  • How to set up your domain
  • How to add plugins- 3 tutorials
  • How to create website
  • A video encouraging upgrade to make more money
  • A video encouraging upgrade for unlimited traffic from Amazon
  • The phone number for my personal mentor for my one on one phone call

Diving Into Program

I dove right into the training tutorials, setting up my own domain, registering for eBay and amazon so I could plug them into my website, and lastly set up my website. As we all know it takes time to develop your website so as I was diligently working on the visual design of my website.

Out of the blue I received my phone call from PPA (Profit Point Autonomy) His name was Jon and he seemed thrilled that I was on board.  He told me he’d love to have me on his team!! I was super thrilled of course until…

Jon told me that when I had $500-1000 extra money to spend to call him back and upgrade my membership.  He would give me all the insight to making real money online!

What are you talking about? I said to my self!

I was already told that was what the $47 I just paid promised to do!! Make real money online and lots of it! I was crushed, not to mention the few questions I was able to get into the conversation (when he took a breath) he wouldn’t give me a definite answer, which seemed odd.

After the phone call I was a little bummed but figured I would continue anyway and just wouldn’t upgrade until I was able too.

So I grabbed my computer and jumped online, to my frustration all the windows tabs I had open magically closed themselves for an update! I had only logged on onetime and I couldn’t remember how I had found the site to begin with! (that some timer’s is real y’all)

Trying not to panic I remembered the name of sight was Profit Point ..something… so as any of us would do I went to Google search to find my money making program.

Wealthy Affiliate Saved My Life

How to make money online free

So as I search through Google attempting to locate my program the first few posts shout out Profit Point Autonomy SCAM, Money Pit, etc. Then a little ways down there is a post that says something along the lines of, “Affiliate Training, the truth and information FREE, no cc asked for”.

I had to click on link, here I am mad that I just spent $47 on a program that is likely a SCAM. I am bound and determined to make money online and help people in the process.  I can’t spend any more money to do so or my husband is going to cut me off!!

So I clicked on the post (by Kyle) and I was blown away. The way in which he understands how frustrating it is to be scammed and that I wasn’t alone put me a little as ease about what had happened.

I looked up at God and thanked him for giving me a sign and pointing me in a better direction! If my computer hadn’t closed the site I wouldn’t have found Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m so glad I did. So now lets discuss meat and potatoes of Wealthy Affiliate and what I received from them!

What I Received:

how to make money online free


    • An invitation to join Wealthy Affiliate community by typing my name, email and a password! No money asked for
    • Community support (live chat, site support, Q&A)
    • Personal Mentor
    • A one-of-a-kind training program 10 courses to guide me through every step for creating my business
    • Online Entrepreneur Certifcation
    • Networking
    • Building Websites
    • Website performance tools(SiteRubix)
    • Website engagement platform(SiteComments)
    • The hosting platform(WordPress)
    • SiteContent writing platform
    • Keyword research tool
    • Two free domains
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Pre installed plugins
    • EWWW Image Optimizer
    • 30 second website builder

The program from Wealthy Affiliate was like night and day compared to Profit Point Autonomy I felt energized again. I dove right into completing my profile and right into lesson 1.

Immediately I knew this was the place I’d been looking for all along! I truly wish I had found this amazing program years ago. Only two lessons into the program I had already learned more valuable information than I had in all the years I’ve been attempting this industry.

I’m very thankful that my husband supports me 100% because I’ve been so involved in the transformation that is taking place within me I haven’t looked up much from the computer since I signed up:) I am so intrigued in all the tools and resources that WA offers.

I am happily overwhelmed with the pouring out of support that I have received from the creators Kyle and Carson, along with the 96 followers I have already obtained. The community at WA is like no other, and all this is free!!

Kyle and Carson are amazing people that have dedicated their career to actually helping people like you and me have an opportunity to make a full time career marketing online! They were tired of the SCAMS and empty promises just like us and they did something about it! They offer all this knowledge free, they do offer a premium membership and discount the first month. It’s only $19 the first month and $49 after that.

This small fee is peanuts compared to what extra perks you get. The monthly fee is basically to cover the costs of all the technology that is included. If you were to pay a hosting company separately it would run you close to $250 per month, so like I said peanuts for what is received. In addition, Kyle and Carson have kept their prices the same prices since launching the program in 2012.

Wealthy Affiliate Best Choice For Me

I am blessed and thankful for stumbling upon Wealthy Affiliate   I have started unsubscribing to many emails trying to get me to fall for more SCAM money pits. I have found the best program for me and won’t ever switch to another! I have only been a premium member for a few weeks but I have already accomplished so much.

I have 2 websites currently online, Google found and indexed one of them this morning! I have 96 followers and went from 207,000 to 131,312 in rankings. I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate boot camp and personal affiliate program. I believe I will actually make my first real dollar with WA and many more dollars to come, but most importantly I get to spread the word and help others accomplish their dreams.

There are over 37 billion people online every day so there is plenty of income possible for everyone interested in having a business online, it would be silly not to share the information so everyone can prosper!

We’re better in numbers than alone. Join Wealthy Affiliate today and unlock your own legacy!!

The Sky is The Limit with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can view How to Increase Traffic to Your Website for Free for more tips

I am please to also announce that I have integrated  World profit to drive massive traffic to your website, major bonus for trying

World Profit Associate

If you have any questions please free to comment below or email me at

Thank you for reading my post and Best Wishes,

Amy B.



6 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online Free”

  • Thank you for your comprehensive post on how to make money online using free program.

    These days, it is not easy to find free program of great value especially for newbies who just get started doing their online business.

    As what you had suggested, I personally found Wealthy Affiliate to be a great program to in. As a member myself, I had gained vast knowledge on the application of building a blog using a step by step system.

    I learnt that patience works wonders in this business.

    I look forward to more posts on your website.

    • Thank you Cindy for the wonderful review! I appreciate the encouragement, you can stop by my site often for more valuable information. Best wishes in your online success!

  • Hi,
    Good to see some people are honest enough to describe the pitfalls in the online world and share their experiences. Wealthy Affiliate does offer a lot of value and is seen as the number 1 blogging site online.

    I have had a look at Solo Build It as well and it compares favourably as well in fact in their advertising they say they are more successful than Wealthy Affiliate.

    This discussion seems to have been going on for years between them, with members of both, including the CEO of Solo Build It becoming involved in sometimes heated discussions on Q&A sites like Quroa.

    Competition is healthy and I think when you have programs that do deliver a lot to their members and not rip them off it ups the ante for the “wanna be’s” promoting get rich quick schemes.
    Most of them don’t flourish as their main weapon is email marketing where they purchase lists from people who have collected email address’s over the years, using this as a way to generate income it is not really necessary for them to have good web presence high in the search results.
    I hope your experiences lead to good things for you.

  • This information is helpful, I have tried many industries but the online industry is real changing most especial at the start. If we tell stories on changes we faced before finding our right homes in the online world, we may scare the newbies, but good enough WEALTHY AFFILIATE directed us to the way.

  • A very good comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Profit Point Autonomy, Amy!

    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option in this case, for sure.

    Thanks for the review 🙂


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