How to Increase Traffic to Your Website for Free

how to increase traffic to your website for free

MLM Gateway Review

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website for Free

I would like to talk to you about how to increase traffic to your website for free! That’s right FREE, we all like that word don’t we? But is it really free? I recently signed up for MLM Gateway claiming to increase traffic to my website for free.  I’ve checked out the site for a few days now and would like to tell you about my experience.


Price: Free

Ranking: 4.8 out of 5 on FB

So What is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is a way to connect with people that are looking for business opportunities or home-based business leads. All the people on MLM Gateway have some experience with network marketing.  The connections you make here can help increase traffic to your website for free.

I didn’t remember that I had signed up for MLM Gateway until I received an email stating I had someone interested in my business opportunity, which is Wealthy Affiliate. Feel free to have a look for yourself if you’d like,

I clicked on the email link to log into my account with MLM Gateway, once inside I realized that I not only had one new person interested but several people that I could connect with.  This is how to increase traffic to your website and potential customers.

How to Make Money Online Free with MLM Gateway

MLM Gateway offers a member list that you can look through and by the,” interested in” tab you can see if they are interested in new business opportunities.  They may have a business you might be interested in to help build your own. In the free account you can connect with one person a day.

If you are like me and want to connect with more people you can join for $29 but you are not required to in order to benefit from the program!

You earn credits for referring MLM Gateway to others, you can then use those credits to connect with more people. They also offer a business announcement area to help promote your business, you can link your social media accounts to MLM Gateway and share the information.

Is Increasing Your Traffic Worth your Time?

I have only been using the program for a few days and I have already made 50 new connections and 10 of them have signed up for my program to try out.

I have made a goal for myself to log on to MLM Gateway for at least an hour every day to reply to any emails I have received.  To connect with at least 20 new people per day, this will allow me to increase traffic to my website.

Everything you do to promote and grow your business should be managed so you can see where your efforts are paying off.

For example, if I give an hour a day to a program and get no results in a certain time frame.  I’m most likely to take that hour and try something else until I find results.

Until you research different tactics for yourself you won’t know what works for you.

MLM Gateway Has My Vote

MLM Gateway has my vote, I’ve already made some valuable connections and will continue to do so going forward.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in checking out for yourself click the link below.

I would love your feedback on your personal experience with MLM Gateway and feel free to connect with me on that site as well.

Here’s to Our continued Success

As a fellow network marketer and online business owner I strive every day to grow my business and to find different techniques that are inexpensive.  All websites need traffic or what is the point of creating.

I will be looking for more was on how to increase traffic to your website for free. Check often for more reviews and suggestions to help you in your continued success

How to Make Money Online Free

Thank you for reading

Amy B

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