Best Small Businesses Start……

You’ve Started Your Business,

Now What?

Every month 400k new small businesses start. That’s just in the US alone! Those are some crazy numbers in my opinion. This number includes both physical and online businesses. What I am about to share with you will help either one!

The hard part of starting a business is complete: you’ve come up with a niche’, you’ve created a place to show off what you’re promoting and you’re diligently building your business to make it stand out. So. Now What?

Best Small Businesses Start…..

The best small businesses start small. When you think about it logically all businesses start small because their just starting out. It takes time to develop and grow your business no matter what you’re selling or what your business is designed to do.

For example: if you start a landscaping business your not going to have a plethora of clients lawns to cut right off the bat. It takes time to build clientele.

This fact applies to online businesses as well. I have been building my own personal online business for a few months now and I hit a wall. I found an awesome online university Wealthy Affiliate that has taught me invaluable information on everything it takes to build a great online business that will make money.

I have followed the steps and been diligent in providing quality content to get free traffic to my site and start generating money. I guess I’m impatient! I know things take time but their has to be a better way.

***On The Hunt I Went***

I first found MLM Gateway which is a network of like-minded individuals looking for ways to improve their online business or newbies looking for a business opportunity. They offer you lead, landing pages, and a few other perks at no charge to help you increase traffic to your business.

You can read the full review at How to Increase Traffic to Your Website for Free

On this network I have made connections with some great people that are in the same boat as I am. Most of us are tired of spending money on programs that don’t work and don’t have enough revenue coming in yet to afford paid advertising.

While I was testing out a list builder and autoresponder (review coming soon). I stumbled upon a traffic generator for real! I have to admit I almost missed the opportunity. The invite was in an email I had received from a connection on MLM Gateway, I was deleting emails that were clogging up my inbox so I could see the important ones.

I almost deleted the email when something about the headline caught my attention…. it read,”50,000 free visitors to site of your choice”. Wow! I thought this is just what I need.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic…..

best small businesses start Yes please! I need traffic and the more the better, So, I opened the email to investigate. Inside I was reading the email looking for the catch, if you have had any luck like me I seem to be a target for SCAMS or programs that don’t live up to their promises. I tend to be very skeptical these days.

As I examined the email carefully I saw no signs of a SCAM and they weren’t asking for any money, just offering help to my current situation. I was intrigued to see what it was all about!

My first impression of the website was a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of buttons available to click and information to inquire about. It suggests you watch the short video first and I’m glad I listened! After I watched the welcome video I got a better picture of just how beneficial this new website I was referred to could help me.

A Breakdown of Benefits-

— Just ONE MINUTE from now YOU can be generating traffic to any website…

… without spending a single PENNY.

– 50,000 Visitors to Your Site!

– 40,000 FREE Safelist Email Credits!

– 10,000 Traffic Exchange Credits!

– 25,000 Advertising Views for YOUR Website!

– 75,000 Banner Exposures!

Get ALL 500,000 by becoming a MEMBER — FREE!

Sign up here now! It will take you 10 seconds!

We will then show you how to get your FREE Traffic!

Get Details Here: world profit associates

To Sweeten the Deal

And that’s just the beginning to the long list of freebies you get when you sign up. Best of all what I’m telling you about right now is your absolutely FREE! In addition to the above free traffic World Profit also offers their Free members:

    • 50,000 Free visitors to the site of your choice
    • Free e-books and products dedicated to making money
    • Mini Blog
    • Solo email blaster privilege to 30,000 a month
    • 20+ recommended Top Traffic Sites
    • and a full library of available downloads for generating profits from your business



Name: *

Email: *




All this for FREE! I was shocked. There motto is Help not Hype. I like that, with all the free resources they make available I decided to give them a try.

Recommend Upgrade

I am all for not spending money on anymore programs however, their are always exceptions to the rule. You are not required to upgrade to wreep the benefits of this program by any means but I want to give you a visual of what else is available if you decide to.

best small businesses start

If you add everything up individually it is around $1500 a month in value and it is all included in your silver package. I am going to be purchasing the silver package in the next few days so I can give a full report of how it has or hasn’t added value to my business.

Check back to see the results!

Business Integration/ Tools to Succeed

You see my goal for my website is to be a resource center for building your online Legacy. When we as eutapenures start building our businesses we face many obstacles, jump over hurdles and occasionally run into brick walls!

When challenges arise I will be that go to site that has a solution for your problems.

I hear so many people complain about things in their lives and look for help from others to fix the problem. I have been a life coach for many years now and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I am able to take those skills and integrate them into my business.

In order for your business to grow and flourish you must have a good foundation on which it can grow. Wealthy Affiliate gave me the necessary tools and resources to start my business, MLM Gateway gave me insight to increase traffic to my website for free and now World Profit is going to help me take my business to the next level!

All the tools and resources needed to create a profitable online business can be found in one place. I know their are a lot of programs out their that are good and do work. I’m just showing you what is working for me and why! I want to see everyone succeed.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my newest level of business integration and wish you much success.

Feel free to leave a comment if another system that can add to the one’s already listed can be useful and I’ll check it out!

God Bless,

Amy B

7 thoughts on “Best Small Businesses Start……”

  • Hello Amy, I do not know about MLM gateway bit from reading your insight of the platform, I can tell that it is a very good one for me if I really want to make good money online. You didn’t really give so much attention to wealthy affiliate though. I agree with you that when one starts a small business, it is always advisable to start small. Thank you for this educative and inspirational post. Cheers!

    • Thank you Henderson for the review and starting a discussion!

      The question you have asked is a very good one, I unconsciously did not put an emphasis on WA, however, until I read your question didn’t realize that I had done that!  But, subconsciously I did it on purpose!  I’m not crazy I promise… but, since you called it out it made me really analyze why I did that,

      The only logical reasoning that I can come up with is that during training with WA I remember reading that when writing our content we want to remain aware of how much we are trying to push our product or program to our readers.  We are supposed to be giving reviews, information that is of value, and personal experiences .  If I refer too much to WA while attempting to highlight another program that I may be an affiliate of, they deserve the spot light just as much as WA for that moment.

      Hope that came across right!

      Anyway, I appreciate the positive feedback.

      Amy B

  • Hello Amy,

    This is an interesting article. I am a new affiliate marketer who is still following the training courses at Wealthy Affiliate program. I can 100% guarantee that they are the best when it comes to training affiliate marketers. Even though I haven’t heard much about MLM Gateway, it seems like a legit program. I am intrigued to know that they help us increase our traffic without any extra cost. Thank you very much for writing this article about MLM Gateway. Could you please tell me what is the price of silver package?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for the lovely comment!  I would be happy to share any sight to assist you in your decision path!  
      If you go back to the post and click on MLM Gateway or World Profit that are highlighted in blue, this will take you to the welcome page that has all the answers to your questions.  If you don’t find the answer or have any other questions feel free to email or message me on WA.

      Again, thank you for the comment and I wish you the very best on your online business.

      Amy B 

  • I have always been big beliver in mlm. It is an unequaled opportunity if the products and the people behind them have integrity. In fact I am at the ground floor of one now that is one of the reasons I got involved in
    WA affiliate marketing. This is intresting to me
    Please keep me posted if you will
    I know we have an excellent product and an exceptional marketing plan but I am very new at how to promote online marketing.
    Gratefully, John

  • Very valuable post you have here. I have ti thank you for giving this awesome information on the best small online businesses. I do not know so much about that MLM platform you have said about. I think I really need to give it a try seeing how awesome it is but the price might be a little of a problem. I will make my research though. Nice post!

    • Thank you for the positive encouragement!  I truly found a program with WA that has blown everyone else out of the water!!  Now I’m just continuing to build my own complete resource community that share the best of the best tools and information that we all can eat ,”filet minion” figuratively speaking!

      I’d love to connect and share resources if you are interested.  Feel free to email or message on WA.

      Best Wishes to Our Success,

      Amy B.

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