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To Set the Scene

About a month ago I was sitting on a bench working from my phone on an affiliate marketing program that I had purchased a few days prior. I remember feeling frustrated because the sales page in which I signed up from promised me a business in a box. A ready website that would generate money within hours of activating. I should have known better, same old story and I fell for it!

An Unexpected Change of Events

I received a phone call while working on whatever I could to accomplish making at least my $40 back that I spent of my rent money! When I ended the call I must have hit a button accidentally and I closed out the affiliate site I was working on understanding.

I couldn’t remember the exact name of the website but I remembered a word or two of the title. A quick Google search and I should be back on my way to financial freedom right?? WRONG!!

What happened next is how I ended up here today writing this to help others just like me……..

As I put the few keywords into Google I was blown away at the reviews and warnings of SCAM that popped up!! I was devastated, embarrassed and disappointed that again I would have to tell my husband that I spent money I shouldn’t have and I probably wasn’t going to see a return like I promised.

My husband is a good man and thankfully he stands behind every decision or “adventure”, as he puts it, that I’ve made over the last several years. I am a sales person. Period. For the last five years or so I have ventured into the affiliated marketing scene, program after program, spending money only to hit a dead end once “inside” the website.

Either because they just wanted me to upgrade and spend more money to accomplish what their website promised to begin with or because one of the requirements to earn money was to pay for traffic.

As one example, long story short I went into every adventure with a positive attitude and high hopes of finally making money online.

A Google Search Changed My Life

So back to my story, as I’m reading all the posts and warnings that the company I had just paid $40 to be another dead end, money sucking SCAM, a post linked to Wealthy Affiliate appeared.

The caption read, “Everything you need to known about affiliated marketing for free”! I refreshed my screen and read it again!! Free, was I am seeing this correctly, I’ve been paying for all these opportunities over the years.

Never actually making any money and here there is a training platform for FREE! I dove into the post nose first lol and was flabbergasted by how spot on the author was. He described everything I had tried, things companies promised, and why none of it ever worked.

It was like he was reading my mind! I was energized, excited but anxious at the same time. I known I can accomplish having a profitable online business I just need the right tools to succeed. As I continued to read the post from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate I knew this was the place I needed to be in order to achieve my goals.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Wealthy Affiliate is an online University for every aspect on how to succeed in the marketing world of today. Kyle and Carson developed this platform for everyone. Whether you are the newest affiliated marketer or a seasoned veteran that needs some fresh insight this is the place. They offer a place to have discussions and brainstorm with other members.

They offer the best training I have ever received, state-of-the-art website building and all the features possible that are needed to succeed. Best of all they offer this online training platform absolutely FREE! Understanding the struggle and paying it forward…..

My Turn to Pay it Forward

I to enjoy helping others, when you have access to all the tools necessary to succeed, there truly is no limit to your wealth and success. I have created this website to spread the word about Wealthy Affiliate and help folks stop wasting their money with other websites. When you check out the platform yourself I known beyond a fraction of a doubt that you will want to spread the word and help others also.

No matter what skill level you are, if you’re starting from scratch or finding solutions for hurdles you’re facing I’m 100% certain Wealthy Affiliate and it’s members can help you overcome those obstacles and be well on your way to making real money online. All it will cost is your time!

A Whole Community to Learn From

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you will be joining a community of like-minded people and will be able to participate in discussions, blogs, direct messaging of mentors, amongist many extras.

We believe we will get further if we help each other achieve greatness. Can’t wait to see how much you love the program! I never thought I’d say this but,”See you on the inside”!! Absolutely Free information to start building your online business.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Wishes,
Amy B.

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